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Resume | Technical Qualifications

92 Main St. N.
Newmarket, ON. L3Y 4A1
(905) 895-8467

Kyle Lahnakoski

Summary of Qualifications

  • 16 years development experience in telecom, financial, and credit card industries
  • 9 years as a technical consultant
  • Extensive technical experience designing and building CRM and Costing applicaitons the credit card and telephony sectors.
  • Excellent customer relationship skills
  • Lead small teams
  • Honours Bachelors of Math in Computer Science and Pure Math with statistical electives.

Consulting Experience

Client: EcomCard Canada Inc.
June 2006 - Present
  • Developed and upgraded ECOM's production Mastercard credit card application, this includes procedures for QA, unit testing, database migration and rollback, with PCI level auditing requirements.
  • Designed and implemented their credit card authorization system running in Oracle DB.
  • Built all web pages on Tomcat platform including Java servlets, and plenty of Javascript
  • Designed application to meet US federal banking requirements.

Client: Universal Telecom Review (UTR)
May 2005 - Jun 2008
  • Designed and built an enterprise call costing application, including SL1, Centrex and Avaya telephone switches
  • Designed call processing application for IPDR telephony from Nortel VOIP switch, and integrated with the above.
  • Constructed a new IPDR parser for greater speed, and resiliency to data (transmission) errors.
  • Performed multiple traffic studies and expected provisioning for ErlangB GOS of 1%.
  • Providing support for integration to their custom billing application

Client: The Bottom Line (TBL)
Mar 2003 - May 2005
  • Built, from the ground up, a post-OCR pattern matcher to correct OCR scanning errors.
  • Compared Telus, Bell, and other provincial telco’s equipment and lines to tariff rates.
  • Identified long distance overbilling over whole BMO network.
  • Processed a plethora of formats including Bill2000, OnDemand printer dumps, and OCRed PDFs.

Client: Bank of Montreal (Billing Reconciliation Project)
Oct 2001 - Jan 2003
  • Lead project team of bank personnel and assigned tasks for ongoing discrepancy handling
  • Defined objectives and tracked project performance using key performance indicators
  • Improved Quantum’s order-inventory CRM application by integrating the work order and inventory subsystems
  • Designed workflow surrounding automated bill reconciliation
  • Established the procedures to certify software as "stable for production use"
  • Trained new employees in the use of software and bank procedures

Client: Bank of Montreal (Inventory Reconciliation Project)
Sep 2000 - Oct 2001
  • Lead a small team of vendor personnel and improved their reconciliation efficiency and accuracy.
  • Helped define project objectives and measures
  • Defined roles, responsibilities and workflow to satisfy ongoing reconciliation needs and internal bank audit demands
  • Defined products and pricing for voice network inventory
  • Automated the identification and indication of each product for easy reporting and charge back
  • Integrate third party call collectors (from Western Telematic) to proprietary call costing application (Quantum’s TAG software) using reverse engineering.

Client: Notre Dame of St. Agatha (NDSA)
Dec 1999 - Mar 2000
  • Implemented CRM web application for use in a small call centre environment for Kitchener-Waterloo government programs.

Client: Emfisys
Jul 1999 - Jan 2000
  • Mined data from telecom bill details (text and electronic) to identify billing errors.
  • Designed a circuit order system for Bank of Montreal's digital branch network.
  • Developed business plan for recovering voice communication overhead for the Bank of Montreal

Full Time Employee Experience

Emfisys (Fiscal Planner, Programmer)
Oct 1997- Jul 1999
  • Developed a call costing application for Harris Bank in Chicago
  • Automated bank-wide telecom invoice processing
  • Proceduralized the fiscal planning for all Bank of Montreal voice asset management
  • Replaced key-entry system with automated uploads

Bank of Montreal (Programmer)
Summers 1993-1997
  • Built an interface to StoneHouse’ Monies MVS/CICS application
  • Programmed report software for systems only accessible by key entry
  • Integrated voice telephone switches with application programs
  • Responsible for maintenance of DOS and several application programs
  • Reconciled Bell equipment records to internal database


University of Waterloo (Honours Bachelors of Math)
  • Computer Science and Pure Math
  • Statistical Methods and Theory
  • Formal Languages and Compilers
  • Operating Systems
  • Embedded Programming (Assembly)

Skills and Training

  • Expert (in order)
Java, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Javascript, Servlets
  • Occasional Use
Visual Basic, C, C++, Unix Scripting
  • Familiar (past use)
JSP, PHP, Perl, 8086 Assembly, Scheme
  • Database Software
Oracle 8i & 10g, SQL Server, MS Access, DB2
  • Operating Systems
Linux, MVS, OS/390, CICS, TSO/ESP